Mallory Park

EMRA / ACU Test Day

5th July 2020 - Start Time: 9.30am

To enter, please download all of the following forms and email them to

The first official ACU permitted event since the lockdown.


Thank you to all that have entered and here are the basic rules for the day.

Gates open at 6.45 am on the morning. Please park at the top of the circuit and not down the village roads until the gate opens.

All competitors names will be on the gate list and you are allowed to bring only one ther person with you. They may come in a separate vehicle. All admissions to the circuit will be recorded.

Please follow all signage to ensue we follow the Covid regulations.

Bring your signed declaration form and your valid ACU licence to sign on in the race office. You will then be given a pre printed label ( must be displayed on the front of your machine at all times) which states your group and a timetable of group sessions. Please practice social distancing at all times. There will be a one way system through the office.

You will be noise tested and constantly on the drive by system. NOTE 105 db You will be black flagged if you exceed this limit. Please ensure your machine complies.

We hope you all have a great safe day and remember this is a test day and NOT a race day so please ride your machines with that in mind.

Let the ACU season begin.

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